Crypto Trading Kya Hai

Crypto Trading Kya Hai

Crypto Trading Kya Hai – In today’s time, as the awareness about investments is increasing among people, people are looking for different ways to invest. In such a situation, a new investment method comes before us. People’s interest for this is increasing day by day. And there is also a great reason to grow, which we will know more about in this article. After all, let’s see what Cryptocurrency is and how it works.

If you see, Cryptocurrency is just the beginning, and if at this time you get the right knowledge about Cryptocurrency and start investing by giving a good investment strategy, then your future can be very good. For your information, let me tell you that if you had invested 100 rupees in Crypto 1 year ago, then your 100 rupees would have become more than 1 crore today. Don’t be shocked because this is the truth you will know about in this article. I know you are excited to know what cryptocurrency is and how you can invest in it. So let us know.

Crypto Trading Kya Hai

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency and in 2009 Bitcoin Crypto was created for the first time. You do not have cryptocurrency like real coins or money, but it is in your digital wallets. It is also called Digital Assets. It is made on blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency क्या है, क्रिप्टोकरेंसी कितने प्रकार की होती है पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में

Its value (price) goes up and down depending on many factors. I know you still don’t understand at all. Instead of this, now even more questions must come in your mind, what is this digital currency, digital assets and blockchain technology.

How we look at our money, whether it is a dollar or a rupee, it is a kind of currency, you will know that too. Similarly, cryptocurrency is also a type of currency, but digital means that it is not in your hand like a rupee or a dollar because it is an online currency that appears in your account and you can use it.

In a sense it is your money, but the digital visible in your account will be visible in your digital wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and you can also buy goods from it wherever cryptocurrency is accepted. It just won’t be in your hands. It is a kind of currency but its price goes up and down, so it is also a kind of asset in which we can make good money by investing.

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So now you must have understood what Cryptocurrency is and why it is called Digital Currency or Digital Asset. I know you may not have fully understood now, but you will by the end of this article.

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Now let’s understand a little about blockchain, actually blockchain is a type of technology that works like a ledger. As you must have seen, all goods bought and sold in the store are written to an account. In the same way, transactions are recorded in the blockchain.

Now let me explain with an example what is a Cryptocurrency, because suppose I created a Cryptocurrency and launched it in the market. When I launch it, its price will be fixed, which depends on many factors such as its crypto liquidity, supply and many more factors, for now you understand that these are some technical terms, that’s why it’s not coming. Therefore, you should understand that I launched at a price.

As soon as I launch, actually people who want to buy it will buy it. And the more people buy it, the price goes up. And if we need to buy something from it, then the crypto that is in our account will be transferred to someone else’s account if it accepts crypto as a payment method.

By now you must have understood to a large extent what Cryptocurrency is. digital currency. Now let’s further understand how cryptocurrency works and how to use it.

Bitcoin Price (btc Inr)

Cryptocurrency is built on the blockchain through a smart contract. A record of all its transactions is kept in the blockchain. Actually we can buy and sell Crypto currency very easily. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges for this, with the help of which we can easily do crypto business.

I won’t take you too technical, because you won’t understand much technical words, so I will tell you a separate article about Crypto terms.

Let me tell you in simple language how cryptocurrency works. In fact, whenever a Cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange, liquidity is added through which we can buy and sell this crypto properly and smoothly. Cryptocurrency exchange is the platform from where we buy and sell it.

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Now the second thing is that the more people buy a crypto currency, the more the value of this crypto increases. Meaning, the more the buying pressure of a crypto, the more its value increases. And if more people sell each crypto, then its value starts to decrease. That is why you must see that when any bad news comes in the market, the value of the cryptocurrency starts to go down and the market starts to go down.

Best Crypto Trading Apps In India For 2023

In this way, when the owners of each cryptocurrency grow and there are more investments and when large investors invest in each cryptocurrency, its market capital increases. And in this way, the higher the market value of the cryptocurrency, the better the ranking of the best cryptocurrency. For example, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is the highest at the present time.

By the way, there are many cryptos, there are no types of it. In the last 1-2 years, more than 1000 new cryptos have entered the market. Bitcoin was first launched in 2009 which cost only 6 paise and today the value of one bitcoin is around 40 lakhs.

It means that if you bought even 1 rupee in 2009, you would get at least 15 bitcoins, which would cost more than 6-7 crores in today’s time. Isn’t it surprising!!! No matter how much 1 rupee becomes crores of rupees but it is not so easy in cryptocurrency market. And why it is not easy, you will understand in cryptocurrency value. So let us know.

For information about Bitcoin read: What is Bitcoin and how to invest in it. What is Bitcoin in Hindi – Complete Information

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There are many ups and downs in cryptocurrency. And it can also happen that your money becomes zero, the market is very unstable.

If today you invest 1 lakh rupees in any cryptocurrency then within 1 month its value may remain only 10 thousand rupees or it may also happen that it becomes 1 lakh rupees and only 1 lakh remains. This means that the crypto market is so volatile that there is a lot of risk in it.

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And so its value also goes up and down with the market. The fluctuation continues.

Apart from that, there are many advantages of investing in cryptocurrency. Currently we also see some disadvantages.

Cryptocurrency Explained With Pros And Cons For Investment

By now you must have understood a lot about Cryptocurrency. And I know you must be thinking that you are starting your Crypto Investment Journey by investing a little bit. But that’s why it’s very important to know how to invest in cryptocurrency, so let’s know that too.

There are many platforms to invest in cryptocurrency called cryptocurrency exchanges. With this we can also buy and sell It is very easy to use them.

You just need to do KYC in exchange, just like you create an account in any application, you just need to do KYC by creating an account in which the National Identity Card is installed.

After completing KYC, you can easily buy and sell any crypto. There are many good exchanges for this, which I will tell you about, if you do KYC in this exchange, you will get cryptocurrency for free in the way mentioned.

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest, लोगों को घर बैठे लखपति बना रही हैं ये Cryptocurrency, निवेश के बाद मिल रहा है तगड़ा रिटर्न!

1. CoinDCX – You can download this application from the App Store. Or you can install CoinDCX by downloading it directly from this link. And then you have to do KYC, as soon as you make the first investment you will get 300 rupees free crypto.

2. Wazirx – This is also an Indian crypto exchange which you can download from play store or Wazirx app from this link.

3. Huobiglobal – This

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