Best Handheld Portable Game System

Best Handheld Portable Game System – Handheld consoles are forever evolving. The demand for gaming on the go is greater than ever, and not only power, but portability in a handheld console is what customers are looking for.

I was born in 1992 in the era of handheld games. The Gameboy was selling millions of units and the battle for a child’s hands was like giants clashing in the isles of Toys R Us.

Best Handheld Portable Game System

Best Handheld Portable Game System

Sega wanted a piece, and Nintendo was doing everything it could to keep them away. Now, almost 30 years later, handheld consoles are still selling like hotcakes.

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Portability is further enhanced with clamshell designs and docking stations that turn your portable consoles into full-fledged gaming powerhouses.

It’s been a lot of fun watching this niche since its early days, which is why we decided to put together the ultimate list of the best handheld consoles of all time. It’s not just western consoles. We dug deep in China to find the best.

Honestly, you knew the Nintendo Switch would be on this list of the best handheld consoles.

To be honest, we’re pretty comfortable putting this at the top of our list of handheld consoles. Launched in March 2017, the Switch is a hybrid console that doesn’t allow for portable gaming and connects to your TV for a full console experience. Switch off the Joycons for instant multiplayer and even play in tabletop mode!

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BOTW always works well as a launch title. It makes the Nintendo 3DS look like it came out of the Ice Age!

One of the best handheld consoles of all time with a huge 6-inch screen, wireless entertainment cons and incredible games.

$300 isn’t cheap, but the price comes with quality and years of enjoyment. If you want to go even cheaper, there’s a $200 Nintendo Switch Lite handheld without the Joy-Con and docking capabilities. Lighter, smaller and more portable, the Lite gives gamers the extra cash to enjoy some Nintendo Switch Lite accessories!

Best Handheld Portable Game System

Retro Game 351M is next in this list of best mobile phones. It’s been making serious waves in the retro gaming community, and it’s not hard to see why!

Of The Best Handheld Electronic Games From The 1980s

Look familiar? This metal version of the ever popular RG351P was released in 2020. Made from a solid block of aluminum, it’s finished in gray or black for a steel-like shine.

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The change from plastic to metal makes this phone much more beautiful and durable. This metal frame can take bumps and scratches without looking worn, but we still treat our hands like babies.

RG351M can emulate Gameboy, SNES, NES, Gameboy Advance, Sega Mega Drive, MAME, Neo Geo, FBA, Wonder Swan and even Playstation 1 *IN BREATH* titles.

Honestly, this entry on our list of the best handheld consoles surprised us. After spending a lot of time with the RG350P, we knew it was going to be great, but having that premium metal feel makes it feel like a completely different console. Lktina 8gb 4.3” 1000 Lcd Screen Handheld Portable Game Console, Built In 1200+real Video Games With Media Player, For Gba/gbc/sfc/fc/smd Games, Best Gift For Kids And Adults Black (medium)

It’s an ultimate winner in our book and fits our hands like a metal glove. give a chance; You will not be disappointed.

That’s right, we ranked the Game Boy Advance SP above the original, and we don’t feel bad about it at all. Some might say we got sidetracked, but we’re just big SP fans.

Well, time in history The Game Boy Advance SP, released in March 2003, completely changed the way portability was done on portable consoles. Nintendo moved away from the rugged look synonymous with DMG and revealed the iconic “folding clamshell” design.

Best Handheld Portable Game System

Folding a Game Boy to fit in a pocket – it used to be hard to think the world could get any better!

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Nintendo has upped its game with the AGS 101 SP console. The display came with a bright backlight, which finally allowed gamers to play games in the dark or in sunlight without the annoying cream light. Plus, the screen was so good that gamers ended up having to play it again to experience some of the best Game Boy games at full brightness.

In 2021, the GBA SP remains a rare phone. They’re not cheap anymore, and if you have a box in good condition, you can get a pretty penny for them on eBay or Craigslist.

The Sony Playstation Vita is an amazing phone. It was launched in early 2012 as a way to play your favorite games on the go.

We still think it’s one of the best handsets to date. It’s stylish, ergonomic, and screams the moment you get it.

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The PS Vita competed directly with the Nintendo 3DS and retained some of the best PSP titles to date that, while some would say failed, still stand out. It also captured an older market compared to the 3DS. Granted, it wasn’t exactly marketed as such, but the PS Vita had more mature games that appealed well to a teenage audience.

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The PS Vita had a 5-inch screen, two analog sticks, a camera, and tons of other tech. It can also be used as a controller.

But one of the best features of these handheld consoles was that you could play your PS3 and PS4 games on the handheld. That’s God of War and Spiderman in one hand, and that alone was incredible.

Best Handheld Portable Game System

Unfortunately, this was Sony’s last handheld and we can’t see the return of this popular Sony console anytime soon.

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Sega Game Gear in the form of Sonic will forever be in our hearts. It was one of our first handheld consoles and although it weighs about the size of a small elephant, it has its advantages.

The Sega Game Gear was released in April 1991 and directly competed with the hugely popular Gameboy. But Sega knew where to go and it was within this page.

It was one of the first and best handheld consoles with a color screen, and did you notice it when you turned it on on Christmas Day?

Everyone knows the best Sega Game Gear games. We’re talking Sonic The Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat II, and even Power Rangers, all in vivid colors, all on one portable phone.

The Best Retro Console Of 2022

It may seem trivial now, but in 1991 such a thing was unheard of. Arguably, the Game Gear forced Nintendo to release the Gameboy Color, one of the best handheld consoles you’ll ever see.

The Game Gear was bulky, heavy, and had poor sound quality, but that’s why we love it. Playing it is like a walk down memory lane, and that’s why it’s so high on our list.

The Nintendo DS or as we call it the Gameboy Advance SP on steroids was another huge breakthrough in the handheld scene.

Best Handheld Portable Game System

In November 2004, Nintendo dropped the DS bomb. DS stands for “dual screen” consoles and brought a whole new way of playing games.

Anbernic Rg351m Handheld Game Console, Retro Game Console Free With 64g Tf Card, Built In 2500 Game Console Support Psp / Ps1 / N64 / Nds, 3.5 Inch Ips Screen Portable Game Console: Toys

It was still capable of playing older Gameboy Advance games, but they’ve released new DS cartridges that can hold bigger and better games with touchscreen capabilities.

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The folding design of the GBA SP went so well that it was added to the Nintendo DS. Not only that, but it also came with a stylus that allowed more games to use the accessory. Drawing games, mind games, and even strategy games that use two screens and a stylus – yes, Nintendo knew they had a winner…

Instead of just targeting children, the DS targeted adults who wanted to get “smarter” with games. It was powerful, elegant and truly captivating. It looks like the start of a brilliant new era, but pays homage to the past with the old GB cartridge slot. Still our favorite DS model because of this little touch!

The ultimate handheld device had to be on our list of the best handheld consoles. Game Boy DMG is one of the most iconic and best handheld consoles…

Docooler G620 3.0 Inch Full Color Screen Handheld Game Console With 500 Retro Game Portable Game Consoles 1000mah Rechargeable Battery

The original Gameboy holds a place in our hearts because it was the first handheld we ever owned, the device that introduced us to gaming. It blew our little kids minds. It was incredible that we could go anywhere with our portable handhelds and load save files. And still to this day, it’s an incredible hand that impresses new cars.

It was thick, clunky, with a terrible screen you could barely see. Don’t forget the bulky buttons, terrible battery life, and even worse sound quality. But in a way, all these features together made an epic.

With the Gameboy came some of the best Gameboy games of all time. Pokemon, Zelda, Tetris; You name it and they were available to play anywhere. An incredible achievement for the 90s and a landmark moment for the wider world of gaming.

Best Handheld Portable Game System

The Sega Nomad arrived in 1995, a highly competitive era of the 90s when many of the best handhelds succumbed to Nintendo’s might. However, Sega has entered the market.

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