Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera

Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera

Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera – Upgrading to a digital SLR is a very interesting idea. DSLRs produce better photos and videos and learning is faster than you think. Below are our picks for the best entry-level DSLRs of 2018, all of which are easy to use with a variety of shooting and manual modes. Many people start with a kit lens (18-55mm is the most common) and you can add primes or zoom lenses at the lengths of your choice for better results. For more information, see our entry-level DSLR comparison table and buying advice under Options.

While the new D3400 will be released below, the D3300 offers the same image and video quality for $100 less. All told, this is our favorite entry-level DSLR for 2018, with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, a speed of 5 frames per second, and the smooth operation known to Nikon. Best of all, it’s a great value at under $400 with a kit lens. The D3400 has better battery life and lower battery performance, but we prefer the savings over the older model.

Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera

Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera

Note that the 18-55mm kit lens sold with the D3300 is good but not perfect. You can add a 55-200mm as part of a two-lens kit, covering the entire range from wide angle to telephoto. But those who are progressing in their photography may want to add a dedicated view or zoom feature to your desired details. For more features, including improved autofocus, see Nikon D5000 series below.

Best Canon Mirrorless Camera For Professional To Beginner Needs

At the top of Canon’s popular Rebel range is the T7i, which was new last year and is packed with features and functionality. Compared to its predecessor, the Rebel T6i below, you get a new image processor, an improved sensor (like the impressive Canon 80D), better autofocus, faster shutter speed and with better battery life, among other things. For everything from photos to videos, the Rebel T7i is the complete package in an entry-level DSLR.

The reason we put the Canon Rebel T7i at the second price point: $849 is very high for entry-level, and especially for those who are buying their first DSLR or with hope to improve their drawing skills. But it’s hard to argue with the hardware and features, which push the T7i into the entry-level plus category. If you can afford it, this camera won’t hurt you.

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We finally reach Nikon’s range with the D5300, which is not one but two generations old. But that’s not a bad thing: it’s like the new versions – the D5600 and D5500 – it doesn’t sacrifice much in terms of features. The D5300 doesn’t have a touch screen feature, and the new models have improved battery life and low-light performance. But the nuts and bolts are equally impressive, and this oldie but goodie sells for under $550 with a kit lens.

One of the biggest issues in choosing the Nikon D5300 is availability. Some DSLR models are older generations that will be around for a while, but usually customers will ditch them for newer versions. As of spring 2018, the D5300 is now available online. Get one while you can, as supplies will continue to dwindle.

The Best Nikon Cameras For Beginners

Cameras like the Rebel T7i and T6i are loaded with features, but there are less expensive options at Canon’s entry level. The Rebel T6 (not “i”) is an unlocked version with fewer megapixels and a simpler autofocus system. It has a solid LCD screen on the back that doesn’t tilt, low ISO sensitivity in low light, and the camera comes with a cheap kit lens. But for around $450 with an 18-55mm lens, the T6 gets you out the door with an entry-level DSLR from one of the best in the business.

Who should buy the Canon Rebel T6? It’s a budget-friendly option for those who plan to shoot a lot of photos. Many of the features of the T7i and T6i, including the tilting LCD and STM kit lens, were designed with video in mind and therefore do not make major sacrifices for those who take it easy. However, we don’t like the drop in megapixels, which makes the Nikon D3400 less of a better option at the $450 price point.

When choosing an entry-level DSLR, most people stick to the popular names Canon and Nikon. However, for those who are just starting out in outdoor and landscape photography, the Pentax K-S2 offers a very unique feature in this price range: weather resistance. In fact, it’s the most weatherproof DSLR on the market (this technology is usually reserved for prosumer and full-frame cameras) and the only model on this list.

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Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera

In terms of performance, you can expect the same image quality and autofocus in a camera like the Nikon D3400, and the K-S2 has built-in Wi-Fi, which is not done by D3300. What are the disadvantages? The KS-2 is very heavy at over 21 grams, and you won’t find it in the large and highly regarded lens collections of Canon and Nikon. Lens selection is very important in our opinion, it is what brings the KS-2 down to earth.

Best Dslr Cameras For Beginners

Last year Nikon released the D3400, which was their flagship entry-level DSLR. As we said above, it is very similar to the old D3300, with a 24.2-megapixel sensor, full HD 1080p video capability, and a host of automatic shooting modes that make this camera easy to use. use straight from the box. All in all, it’s a great starter option for those new to the world of DSLRs.

What improvements has Nikon made to the D3400? The battery life is better, although it costs electricity, which is weaker in the new mode and therefore saves power. The ISO sensitivity is excellent, which is important if you plan to shoot indoors at night or in low-light scenes. And the D3400 comes with Nikon’s SnapBridge technology for transferring photos and videos to your phone via Bluetooth. However, it’s not a technical phone, still requiring a WU-1a wireless adapter ($39 and sold separately).

Because of the increased features and performance compared to the Nikon D3300 and D3400, we classify the D5500 as an entry-level model. The image sensor and megapixel count are the same, but the D5500 comes with more advanced autofocus, a swiveling rear LCD with touchscreen functionality, and built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (approx. SnapBridge only on the D3400). For us, the improvement of autofocus is very important: it is one of the important differentiators between better and more expensive cameras. The LCD screen is also a nice addition, especially if you record video.

It is fair to say that Nikon released a new version of this camera at the end of last year, the Nikon D5600 below. However, we rank the D5500 higher because we don’t think the new model is worth the $100+ price increase. Yes, you get Bluetooth connectivity via SnapBridge, and the camera has a built-in timer function and the ability to easily control auto ISO. But the D5600 is the same camera as the D5500, for more money. It’s a little heavier, which pushes us up.

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Best Dslr Cameras Of 2023: The Top Options We’ve Tested

When the old SL1 came out a few years ago, we were big fans. At the time, it was the smallest and lightest DSLR on the market and an excellent choice for travel and outdoor use. The new Canon Rebel SL2, released in 2017, follows the same mold: it’s a solid entry-level DSLR that’s essentially a cut-down version of the T7i. We like the improvements, which include better megapixels, better low-light performance, faster speeds, and longer battery life. It’s safe to say that this is a much better DSLR than the old SL1.

All of this being said, the novelty of this series is probably over. Since the SL1 hit the market, mirrorless cameras have come on in a big way and you can get a high quality interchangeable lens set that is lighter and takes up less space than SL2 (the Sony a6000 is a good model and better than the. SL2). Also, the autofocus on the SL2 is better than the T7i with 9 different cross-type focus points. All in all, we like the SL2 for photography if your DSLR size is relevant, but it needs a mid-range finish.

We may have moved into the middle with Pentax’s K-70, but this DSLR is a worthy competitor to the Canon Rebel T7i and Nikon D5500. In fact, when you compare the features and take the brand names, the K-70 is one of the most interesting cameras on this list. You get weather recording, excellent low-light performance, built-in image stabilization, and a kit lens with a long range of 18-135mm. All in all, this is a great DSLR for under $800.

Best Beginner Canon Dslr Camera

Like the Pentax KS-2 above, Canon and Nikon offer excellent lens options and brands.

The Best Canon Camera (for Photography) Mirrorless & Dslr

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